Eric is the central character of the Fat Freddie story. He is a daydreamer who’s main pastime involves making short videos featuring his pet goldfish Fat Freddie.

Eric’s world is turned upside down when his Dad Jim is fired from his job. The family lose everything and are forced to move into a rented house in another town.

The Fat Freddie videos have attracted a sizable following on YouTube but Eric’s parents remain unimpressed. They worry that he might be using them as an escape from the recent family stresses.


Darren_headshotDarren is the oldest boy on the street. These extra couple of years gives him a physical presence which allows him dominate the other boys.

He also has a job which gives him spending power. This reinforces his position as ‘leader’; a fact not lost on some of the girls on the street.

Eric’s arrival upsets the natural order of things. Darren views him with suspicion – a cocky upstart that needs to be brought down a peg or two.



Jim is Eric’s Dad. He is a proud man who has just gone through a difficult time: he was fired from his job after false accusations were made against him.

The legal fees nearly bankrupted him and now his family are forced to move into rented accommodation in a new town.

And his son Eric is still living in a childish fantasy world making silly little goldfish videos.


Adele_headshotAdele is Eric’s mother. She is devastated when her husband Jim loses his job and her family are forced to move into rented accommodation.

She is worried about the effect this has on Eric. She sees his goldfish videos as a step backward in his development but tries to balance out Jim’s ‘tough love’ approach.


Joe_headshotJoe lives on the street that Eric’s family move into. He is good friends with Darren even though they have very different personalities.

He is also a keen footballer. His sporting prowess puts him in a position to influence Darren. He balances out Darren’s temper and nasty streak.


Ruth_headshotRuth grew up around the corner from the street Eric moves into.

Her best friend since childhood is Janice. She has a laid back exterior which makes their friendship seem unlikely but it works for them.

Eric’s arrival on the street catches her eye, especially when he outwits Darren in their first verbal exchange.


Janice_headshotJanice is best friends with Ruth. They have grown up together on the same street.

Eric’s arrival and his confident attitude irritates her. They get off to a bad start almost immediately.

She has a soft spot for Darren and naturally takes his side in the ensuing bust-up with Eric.


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